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Water Sports RAFTING

Being strapped to an inflated boat and being hurled through a frothy cold river might not seem like a family activity. But river rafting through rapids on the Beas, near Naggar heritage cottages, has enormous potential for family bonding. It’s safe, exciting, and most importantly, fun.


It’s unreal and great that the skies above Manali are a bit crowded nowadays. First, it looks pretty colourful, and secondly it means that more and more people are braving paragliding. Manali is a hotspot where you can even do short courses for a week or more. There are shorter thrills ranging from two minutes to 15, sailing over peaks in tandem. The shorter flights.

Involves a 150-metre trek up a slope followed by 60-90 second glide. The longer, 30-minute flights are for experienced fliers and take off from Dobhi, Kothi, and Fatru.

Trekking Routes

There are so many Trekking Routes Near Naggar heritage cottages. Snowy peaks, gravelly cliff sides and rolling greens – Manali has something on offer for trekkers of all merit. You can customise your experience and end up either in a luxe tent with 21st-century plumbing, or one where the wind threatens to blow off your shelter. Most treks kick off from Manali itself, and some routes, like the one-and half hour trek to Rohtang Pass, allow you to cheat, using ponies. The Beas Kund trek is one of the more popular and picturesque ones that follows the river through meadows.

Camping Kullu and Manali

Kullu and Manali Sleeping under the stars with just the towering peaks of the Himalayas for company has a certain unrivalled charm about it. Camping in Manali comes with all this and a few more material comforts.

Ride to Ladakh

Manali to Leh Whether you take an Enfield or a Jeep, this destination deserves a section by itself. The week long ride (by Jeep) is best between July and September, taking you on the highest possible motorable road in the world. Make sure you carry your camera, but don’t forget to lower it every now and then to take in the sheer magnificence and colours of the changing landscape around you.

On two wheels

Kullu, Manali, Leh There are so many ways to experience Manali – there’s the watery route through rapids, you can grapple up and down mountainsides, ski down slopes, or walk from one peak to another – but few of them compare to the thrill of discovering the Himachal area on two wheels. Mountain biking tours are a popular choice nowadays for young tourists who are keen to travel the countryside on bicycles. They can be customised to your level of stamina and interest. Some tours are short, just a day long, around Rohtang Pass past meadows and gurgling brooks.

Angling River

The English were the ones who introduced trout in the Beas and today the Tirthan Valley and the river are chock-full and perfect spots for angling. If you’re a first-timer take a guide, and don’t forget to pick up day-long fishing permits that allow you a generous catch of six trout a day across almost 45 kms of water. The brown and rainbow trout available in buckets in the rivers here are the best ‘sport’ fish in the world. Courses in angling in April, May and September, give you a holistic view of the activity, complete with knowledge on the surrounding flora and fauna, combined with a fabulous camping experience.


One of the best ziplinning at manali is located at naggar.